League Bowling...

Join one of our many Rochester bowling leagues or enter an upcoming tournament.  ABC Gates Bowl has 48 USBC sanctioned ten-pin lanes conditioned daily that run on finely tuned AMF 82-70’s pinsetters. 

When leagues and parties are rolling, we do our best to always keep some walk-in lanes available for first-come, first-serve bowlers, too.

Make your choice… A Better Choice.

Our Fall Leagues ...

MondayKORC American4:50p289/13/21Men
Begin'rs to Pro's Singles - Scratch
(Sport Shot)
Storm Winter Trio's7:00p319/13/21Mixed
Wine & Craft Beer League7:30p121/3/22Mixed
Post Office Majors7:00p319/13/21Men
TuesdayJohn Quinzi's Seniors11:50a2410/7/21Senior Men
Tuesday Seniors12:30p329/7/21Senior Mixed
Ladies Doubles6:30p299/14/21Women
Begin r's to Pro Ladies6:30p289/15/21Women
Bartolomeo Perrotto6:20p319/8/21Men
Wed Early Triples6:45p289/22/21Men
Elks Community6:25p289/18/21Mixed
ThursdayThursday Seniors12:25p309/9/21Senior Mixed
Rebel's League4:40p289/9/21Mixed
Messner Flooring4:45p289/9/21Mixed
Terrible Twos4:55p30Mixed
RH Faculty7:00p309/9/21Mixed
LeChase Sport Classic7:15p309/9/21Mixed
Living in the Gutter - Lousy Bowler7:30p129/9/21Mixed
FridayFab Trios6:40p339/10/21Mixed
Friday Night Premier6:30p329/10/21Men
Bumpers - 1-Game4:30p309/10/21Youth - Ages 3-7
Bantams - 2-Game4:30p309/10/21Youth - Ages 3-7
Preps - 3-Game4:30p309/10/21Youth - Ages 8-11
Majors - 3-Game4:30p309/10/21Youth - Ages 12-18
SaturdayBumpers - 1-Game9:00a289/11/21Youth - Ages 3-7
Bantams - 2-Game9:00a289/11/21Youth - Ages 3-7
Preps - 3-Game9:00a289/11/21Youth - Ages 8-11
Majors - 3-Game9:00a289/11/21Youth - Ages 12-18
Crazy Eights8:00p179/11/21Mixed
Kodak Mixed3:00p348/21/21Mixed
Saturday Mixed Trios11:30a34Mixed
Saturday Singles3:30p328/28/21Mixed
Sat Nite Couples6:25p16 EOW9/11/21Mixed
Flower City Rollers6:20p16 EOW9/11/21Mixed
Lucky Strikers - MK6:30p16 EOW9/18/21Mixed
Mass Confusion6:30p14 EOW9/18/21Mixed
Saturday Strikers6:25p16 EOW9/11/21Mixed
Out of Retirement7:00p8 EOMMixed
SundaySunday Doubles10:00a409/12/21Men
Sunday A/Y10:30a289/12/21Adult/Youth
Pinsplitters6:00p16 EOWMixed