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Join one of our many Rochester bowling leagues or enter an upcoming tournament.  ABC Gates Bowl has 48 USBC sanctioned ten-pin lanes conditioned daily that run on finely tuned AMF 82-70’s pinsetters.

Not only does ABC Gates Bowl offer your statics via Lanetalk, we also use League Secretary so your League scores are always at your fingertips. 

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Top Bowling

Summer 2023 Schedule

League NameDescriptionDayTime# per TeamStart Date# WeeksOpenings
Adult/Youth League$10 Week/Per Bowler Mon6:30 PM21-May14
Craft Beer, Wine or Cocktail League $17 Week/Per Bowler. 21 Years & Older Only. 1 Free Craft Beer, Wine or Cocktail a NightMon6:30 PM3 to 41-May14
Tuesday Summer Seniors$8 Week/Per Bowler Tue1:00 PM42-May14
Triples Summer Triples$10 Week/Per Bowler. $19 Week /Per Bowler w/Ball or Cash. $29 Week/Per Bowler with Ball & CashTue6:20 PM32-May16
Sport Shot Doubles League$11 Week Per Bowler. 4 Games Scratch. Sport Shot Pattern Changes Every 3 weeksWed6:30 PM23-May14
Three Head's 3 League $15 Week/Per Bowler. $25 Week/per Bowler W/ BallThurs7:00 PM34-May14

Every-Other Week Leagues

League NameDescriptionDayTime# per TeamStart Date# WeeksOpening
PinsplittersNon-Sanctioned league… fun night out!Sun6:00 PM418-Sep16Available
Suburban Church Non-Sanctioned...fun afternoon outSat2:45 PM410-Sep16Full
Flower City RollersSanctioned league...fun night outSat6:20 PM410-Sep16Full
Saturday Strikers Non-Sanctioned league… fun night outSat6:25 PM410-Sep16Full
Mass ConfusionSanctioned league and a fun night out!Sat6:30 PM417-Sep16Full
Saturday Early MixedNon-Sanctioned league… fun night out!Sat6:30 PM417-Sep16Full
Lucky StrikersSanctioned league...fun night outSat6:30 PM417-Sep16Available

Youth Leagues

League NameDescriptionDayTime# per TeamStart Date# Games# WeeksOpenings
Sunday Adult/ Junior22 Teams Max & No BumpersSun10:00 AM211-Sep328Full
Friday BumpersAges 3-7Fri4:30 PM2-49-Sep128Full
Friday BantamsAges 3-7Fri4:30 PM2-49-Sep228Full
Friday PrepsAges 8-11Fri4:30 PM2-49-Sep328Full
Friday MajorsAges 12-18Fri4:30 PM2-49-Sep328Full
Saturday BumpersAges 3-7Sat9:00 AM2-410-Sep128Full
Saturday BantumsAges 3-7Sat9:00 AM2-410-Sep228Full
Saturday PrepsAges 8-11Sat9:00 AM2-410-Sep328Full
Saturday MajorsAges 12-18Sat9:00 AM2-410-Sep328Full

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