CORONAVIRUS WARNING! All person(s) entering facility must wear a mask. Coronavirus is still active in New York and all masks must be worn while you are in the facility. Please maintain 6 feet social distancing. Bowling will be played on every other lane.

League Bowling...

Join one of our many Rochester bowling leagues or enter an upcoming tournament.  ABC Gates Bowl has 48 USBC sanctioned ten-pin lanes conditioned daily that run on finely tuned AMF 82-70’s pinsetters. 

When leagues and parties are rolling, we do our best to always keep some walk-in lanes available for first-come, first-serve bowlers, too.

Make your choice… A Better Choice.
MondayKORC American5:00 PM37-48289/14/2020
Begin'rs to Pro's Singles6:00 PM10-Jan9/14/2020
Storm Winter trio's6:30 PM26-Nov289/14/2020
Post Office Masters7:00 PM27-36319/14/2020
TuesdayJohn Quinzi's Seniors12:00 PM21-482410/6/2020
Tuesday Seniors12:00 PM16-Sep31-Jan9/8/2020
Ladies Doubles5:30 PM6-Jan28-Jan9/8/2020
Deaf Connection5:30 PM
Tuesday Gates5:30 PM41-48289/22/2020
ABC Triples6:15 PMSep-40329/1/2020
WednesdayB-6015:00 PM35-48289/9/2020
Begin r's to Pro6:30 PM10-Jan29-Jan9/14/2020
Bartolomeo Perrotto6:30 PM13-22319/9/2020
Wed Early Triples6:35 PM23-32289/9/2020
Wed Frontier Dbls7:00 PM41-4810
ThursdayThursday Seniors12:30 PM27-36309/10/2020
SR Trios12:30 PM37-4028
Rebel's League4:45 PM10-Jan27-Jan9/10/2020
3 Ugly Men4:45 PM23-48289/10/2020
Terrible Twos4:55 PM16-Sep29-Jan
Valician Ladies6:35 PM8-Jan28-Jan9/10/2020
RH Faculty7:00 PM16-Sep29-Jan9/10/2020
Fr. Steger7:00 PM17-2225
LeChase Sport Classic7:50 PM41-48329/3/2020
FridayFriday Travelers6:30 PM13-26289/11/2020
Fri Pineapple Jack's Men6:15 PM27-34409/11/2020
Fab Trios6:35 PM35-4833
Friday Night Mixed7:55 PM10-Jan31-Jan
Bumpers4:30 PM11-Sep
Bantams4:30 PM
Preps4:30 PM
Majors4:30 PM
SaturdayBumpers9:00 AM12-Sep
Bantams9:00 AM
Preps9:00 AM
Majors9:00 AM
Saturday Mixed Trio11:30 AM23-48348/22/2020
Saturday Singles3:30 PM329/12/2020
Suburban Church3:00 PM10-Jan16 EOW19-Sep
Sat Nite Couples6:25 PM14-Jan16 EOW9/12/2020
Stars & Stripes6:25 PM20-Jul16 EOW9/19/2020
Flower City Rollers6:20 PM31-4816 EOW9/12/2020
Saturday Strikers6:25 PM21-3216 EOW9/19/2020
SundayGeo Eiff Sign Landscape10:00 AM29-48409/13/2020
Sunday A/Y10:20 AM26-Nov26-Jan9/13/2020
Rolling Thunder1:00 PM19-2416EOW9/27/2020
SDA Mixed5:00 PM13-2416 EOW9/13/2020
Pinsplitters6:00 PM6-Jan16 EOW9/27/2020